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Grace Hecker came to America from Germany at age 8 with her parents and five brothers and sisters in 1888. Carl Wolf, age 31, emigrated from Germany in March of 1904. They met in America, in the German community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There they married and raised their family.

cabbage hillThe Neighborhood
Many German Catholics in Lancaster attended Mass at St. Joseph's parish, sang in the Liederkranz society, worked at the silk and cotton mills, lived in brick rowhouses.
1864 Map .. A Memoir...

Photo Albums
BohemiaBohemia, childhood home of Carl Wolf
Carl was born in the village of Chinitz-Tettau in what is now the Czech Republic, in a forest near the German border. There Carl was baptized, and August worked as a lumberman.

album bavariaWolf family in Bavaria
Around 1882, August Wolf took Carl, age ten, and the family across the Bohemian forest to the village of Heimbrechtsreuth in Lower Bavaria. Carl emigrated in 1904 and his brothers soon followed.

album HeckerHecker family in America
Franz and Anna Hecker emigrated to America, lived for five years in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, then settled in Lancaster on St. Joseph Street.

album LancasterCarl Wolf in Lancaster
Carl Wolf and Grace Hecker married and raised a large family on a small farm at 1051 Saint Joseph Street in Lancaster. Carl's brothers Theodor and Frank raised families nearby.

KarlCarl Wolf
Born in the Bohemian Forest, he emigrated to Lancaster and worked as a truck farmer. Ancester Chart . Documents
GraceGrace Hecker
Third child of Frank and Anna Hecker, Grace emigrated in 1888, raised eight children.

FXFranz and Anna Hecker
Franz from Höhenbrunn, Lower Bavaria, Anna Holzbauer from Grünbach, Lower Bavaria.
Ancestor Chart

Albert Hecker, milk dealer

American-born son of Franz and Anna Hecker, Albert built a door-to-door milk delivery business on Cabbage Hill with horse and wagon.
Frank Wolf
A railroad worker in Bavaria, Frank followed Carl in 1906 to Lancaster, where he worked as a dyer in the Farnum Mills.
farnumFarnum Cotton Mills
Major employer of Germans on Cabbage Hill.